"Going" is where are faith meets action. If we Gather for worship for fellowship and edification, if we Grow in our competency of the Scriptures and knowledge of God, we will inevitably Go as ambassadors of Christ to serve, evangelize, and reach the world for the glory of our Lord and His Kingdom. At FBC Jackson, our goal is to encourage every member in ministry. Because here's the bottom line: the Lord has given you a gift that is unique to you and you alone that He wants you to use in order to serve His church and reach the world for His name. So, how would you like to serve His church at FBC Jackson? Not sure what you're gifted to do? Click here to begin the process of discovery.

    Here are some immediate needs where we have immediate needs:

    Cancer Outreach Volunteers

    New Small Group / Class

    Initiaves Young Adults Small Group / Class Leaders

    Nursery Volunteers (Background check required) 

    Outreach Specialist

    Foreign Missions Coordinator

    Media Specialist

    Children's Volunteers (Background check required)

    Children's Outreach Specialist (Background check required) 

    Young Married's Small Group / Class Leaders

    Refuge Student Ministry Volunteer (Background check required)

  • Serve jackson

    Not only have we been gifted by the Lord to serve His church, we have all been uniquely equipped to make a difference in a world without Christ.  Our Back to School Bash: This occurs on the week of or week prior to the start of school. Here we reach out to our community parents and children in preparation for the school year. We'll provide school supplies, some family pics, hair cuts, some food and a guaranteed fun time for Jackson city.

  • Serve THE WORLD

    FBC Jackson has been participating in an outreach to Nicaragua, since the 2001, consistently returning there each year--sometimes, a handful of our members have gone twice per year. Since 2001, FBC Jackson has been the primary catalyst, alongside BMDMI (Baptist Medical & Dental Mission International) for planting three evangelical churches: La Fundadore, New Jerusalem, and El Penular. And as the Lord blesses the ministry, more are on their way. We would ask you to pray about learning more about our partnership with our Nicaraguan fellowship, or consider initiating the process of going yourself to be involved in our missions efforts to this country.

How can you serve the God in the church, city or in the world?

If you would like more information about how to serve in any of these ways please contact the church office or get in contact with one of our staff members!