What We Do

We exist to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. We believe that if we're making devoted followers of Christ, as God directed, we will make an exponentially, powerfully positive impact on the Kingdom of God in Jackson and throughout the earth. 

What is a Devoted Follower of Jesus Christ? Devoted followers possess at least 4 key characteristics at all times in their lives: 

Worship: They are gathering regularly with a local body of believers

Fellowship: They are interacting on a personal level with a small network of Christian friends

Mission: They are reaching more people for

Christ Discipleship: They are growing in their walk with God

How does FBCJ make Devoted Followers? FBCJ depends on the Lord for all good things, but we are aso very intentional about the things we do so as to best help us accomplish what we believe the Lord wants us to do.  We believe that as followers of Christ we do this best when we Gather, Grow, and Go


Our weekly corporate worship services are intentional times of fellowship and learning. Our Lord commanded believers to gather weekly for accountability, joys of fellowship, nourishment from His Holy Scriptures, and many other things. It is the  hope of FBCJ  that our corporate gatherings are restful, replenishing, and rewarding times for all who worship with us. It is a place where we are taught and challenged from God's eternal truth, where we share each other's burdens, and sing praises to our Redeemer. Gathering together builds Christian community and helps us to grow. 


Watching basketball will help you become a better basketball player, but only a little bit. To get really good, you have to play, practice, and be coached. Similarly, you won't become a Mature Disciple if you just spectate. You've got to get going on some "discipling." At FBCJ, this happens in four possible steps. 

First, you can come to a smaller group setting called Sunday School or Adult Bible Fellowship. Most of these classes happen on Sunday morning @ 9:45am-10:45am. There, you'll get to interact with fellow believers, ask some questions, and gain some more competency in Christian living. If Sunday morning doesn't work for you, we have other opportunities available. These are less-structured and rotating classes so you'll have to check in with the office or watch Sunday am announcements for more details.

Second, if you're ready to want to gain some more focused training, you can sign up for "Basic." This is a short-term course that will prep you to lead a class and give you the essential skills for beginning a dynamic Christian life as a member of FBCJackson. This course is available once per quarter. 

Third, if you're still interested in learning more and willing to commit to a more intense form of accountability and training, we have a "Rangers" course that will take you to the next level, and prepare you for future leadership in the church. After completing our Rangers training, you'll be firmly prepared to lead a small group, take on a ministry of your own, or take on a lay-leadership position. This course is offered on an "one-demand" basis. 

Fourth, if you're still hungry, we also offer a Black Ops training program that is the most strenuous, and rewarding, preparation for ministry that FBCJ can offer. You enroll in this course by application only, and it is offered only as needed and as we have Specialists available to train those enrolled.


Finally, we expect all of our members to be actively involved on mission with Jesus to redeem the world. This is a high priority for us, to make every member a minister. A mature disciple will imitate Jesus to "seek and save" that which was lost, namely the world and serve the world and church family through their God-given talents.