Small Groups

WHAT IS A SMALL GROUP @ FBC Jackson FBC Jackson's Small Group / Sunday School gatherings are of vital importance to accomplishing the purpose of making disciples of Jesus Christ. These are casual and informal groups where we sit around a table, share some food, and explore the Bible in dialogue and conversation. Small Groups are where friendships are made, opportunities for ministry arise, and people are challenged to advance to their next steps as followers of Jesus. 

who can come?

WHO CAN COME TO A SMALL GROUP / SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS? @FBCJackson Anyone! Our Small Groups are a perfect place for guests and members to connect to what FBCJackson is all about. You'll connect with like-minded people, make friendships, explore the Bible together, and carry out ministry to and for the Pine City together. While some classes are organized by age, you're welcome to visit any class or small group available? Any and everybody is welcome to attend. 

WHat Happens at a small group?

Our small groups are a micro-image of what happens on the macro-level of our church. In other words, the "Gather. Grow. Go." process is what we strive for at the Small Group level. For the most part, the format of our Sunday morning groups in the 9:45am-10:45am hour is the same. 

  • We Gather

    Small groups are a great place to make friendships, ask questions, and move forward together as we consider what it means to follow Jesus. There's a time of fellowship, prayer, and then an informal, conversational-style time to explore the Bible. All are invited to participate in prayer and conversation, but no one is forced to talk, answer questions, or pray out loud. Feel free to observe, eat, and hang out. Our groups also gather outside of their normal meeting times to have a good time. Our groups will get together to hunt, fish, eat, shop, watch TV, and just be together with quality people.


    We want all to come to FBCJackson and enjoy their time in our Small Groups, and we also desire that everyone who gathers with us will make progress in their spiritual journey. Particularly, we want to grow in our walk with the Lord--in their knowledge of the Scriptures, in their obedience to and passion for our Lord Jesus Christ, and in their committment to the church fellowship. Moreover, we anticipate all of our groups will expand in influence. We hope our groups increase in number as they reach out to more and more people! Like a loving family, we want more people to be a part of it--more people, more joy, more fellowship, more impact.

  • WE GO

    Ministry happens at FBC Jackson consistently through our Small Groups. Each group participates in a service project or evangelistic effort per quarter and of its choosing, and together becomes the hands and feet of Jesus to the Pine City and beyond. Furthermore, our groups also use their particular skills and giftings to minister to each other. This is where we get mobilized to give of ourselves and reach people for Christ. This is an essential aspect of what we accomplish together.