What's Your Next Step?

We always want to encourage you to consider your "Next Step." So how can you move forward in your walk with the Lord? We want to help you begin that process. It'll be the best journey of your life. Send us an email at fbcjchurchsecretary@gmail.com and let us know that you want to begin the process or call at (251) 246.4491. 

Maybe the Lord is challenging you to begin your walk with Him

Maybe He wants you to be baptized to publicaly declare your committment to Him

Maybe He wants you to serve in one of our ministries

Maybe He wants you to lead one of your ministries

Maybe He wants you to take your walk to the next level

Maybe He wants you to Whatever it is, let us know. 

We want to come alongside you and get you going.

Join in...


We want to invite you to join us in membership. Membership is a way of signaling to our church and to the community that you want to confess certain truths together with us before the world, and you want to strive to abide by biblical principles publicly and privately. 

Membership is not necessarily for all who come to worship with us, but it is a great Next Step of commitment.

Small group

Our Small Groups & Classes are a critical part of FBCJackson life. For more info on our small groups, Most of our groups gather at 9:45am-10:45am at our church building, located at 218 College Ave. Jackson, AL 36545. Come through our back parking lot, center entrance doors. And a greeter can direct you to a group that fits. If you have kids, we have childrens' classes for them as well, but feel free to keep them with you if you prefer. If you want to find out what groups are available before you come this Sunday, feel free to call the church office at 251.246.4491 Monday-Thursday 8:00am-4:30pm and Friday 8:00am-1:00pm.


You may be a part of our church, but have not yet involved yourself in serving the church and the world. Would you consider the Next Step?

We have a place for you to serve and a role that only you can fill. At FBC Jackson, our goal is to encourage every member in ministry. Because here's the bottom line: the Lord has given you a gift that is unique to you and you alone that He wants you to use in order to serve His church and reach the world for His name.