What We Believe

FBC Jackson affirms and confesses what we believe publicly to each other and the world. We gather for charitable efforts, social gatherings, and a host of other reasons. The essential "glue" to our congregation is our shared beliefs. Each member is asked to commit themselves to a church covenant and constitution. This is a narrowly defined commitment that captures what we together confess before the world and each other, and it summarizes a basic biblical conduct that we strive to help each other maintain. 

Furthermore, as an associating member of the Southern Baptist Convention, FBC Jackson also subscribes to the Baptist Faith and Message 2000. We cooperate with the SBC voluntarily, believing that together we can accomplish more. If you're interested in being a delegate at our local, state, or national SBC associations, contact the church office at (251) 246.4491. 

By no means are you required to believe all that FBC Jackson believes in order to visit our services or volunteer in our church life, but we do ask all who join our fellowship to subscribe to these basic confessions and life-principles.

We happily fellowship with anyone who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ! We unite with other Christians around many things, but our most basic, broadest, and simple shared confession is the same confession the Church has maintained since its earliest days. The oldest creed of record that captures essential Christian doctrine is the Apostles' Creed. Our goal is to demonstrate this in denominational cooperation in as many ways as wisdom permits and to live out Jesus's prayer in John 17:11.