"Style of Worship" may be a popular term, but it's focus is on personal choice or preference rather than what glorifies God. Rather than worship being defined by musical style, our priority is on the theological truth found through song. The music of the church must express the truths of God's word because He is the object of our worship. Whether the church sings choruses or hymns, all should teach truths of the Bible. Martin Luther said of Christian worship, "Let nothing else be done in it than the dear Lord Himself talk to us through His holy word and that we, in turn, talk to Him in prayer and songs of praise." The main emphasis should be placed on hearing God speak through His word and giving Him praise through prayer and singing songs of worship. Join us as we worship our Lord!

Make a joyful noise


    Our Adult choir is made up of all ages who desire to use their voice to worship the Lord. This group meets seasonally at 6PM on Wednesdays and provides music for worship on Sunday mornings and presents various seasonal programs throughout the year. 

  • praise band & Ensemble

    Are you a gifted musician or singer? This may be the right place to use your gifts! Our praise band and ensemble meet weekly on Wednesdays and lead our Sunday morning worship. 

  • Kid's Choir

    Come make a joyful noise with us! Children ages 4 through 5th grade are welcome to join in the fun of learning life skills, making music, and studying God's word. We sing, move, play instruments and have a blast worshiping God together!