serve with us

Not only have we been gifted by the Lord to serve His church, we have all been uniquely

equipped to make a difference in a world without Christ. How are you using your gifts to serve?


Join with other churches across our community to keep hungry bellies full and children's needs met. Check out the attachment for more information



Coming up March 13, this is a day to join together and tangibly show the love of Christ to our community. Church members will spend the day at sites throughout the community on building projects. If you would like to know more about how to get involved, please contact the church office. 


We are feeling hopeful and looking forward to a summer filled with VBS, camps, and other fun activities. Would you be willing to make a snack, chaperone, teach a class? We need you! Let us know if you are willing to help and we will help you find the right place to serve. 

Project serve march 13, 2021

We need you! It is our desire to love and serve our neighbor, whether it's thousands of miles away in a foreign country or right here in our own backyard. Join us as we spend a day meeting some of the needs in this community on construction projects, clean up and other service projects. Are you great with a hammer and nails? Maybe keeping workers well fed is the right place for you. Or perhaps as a local business owner, you can help with supplies. No matter your age or skill set, you are a valuable member of our serve team! Call the church office and we can help you find the right place!